Worknb cryptobank - The cryptocurrency adoption company


A company that inspires and brings financial independence at scale.


To help people and business adopt cryptocurrency and start cryptobanking early, safely and wisely.

Starting with Trustworthy financial systems (TFS)

TFS can be defined as:

  • Decentralised - not one company or organisation controls the system

  • Public - openly neutral and not excluding anyone or anything by default

  • Open-source - anyone can see the system code or build on top of it

  • Independent - anyone can run the system code - anytime, anywhere

  • Voluntary - you don't have to buy in, use or support the system

  • Reliable - provably achieving reliability in a network involving multiple unreliable parties

  • Uncensorable - once transactions are complete, no one can void them

  • Sousveillance-based - privacy without secrecy auditable by the public

  • Borderless- globally available, not limited by states jurisdictions

  • Immutable - records are unchangeable in time by any known force

      (Credit to Andreas Antonopoulos and Pamela Morgan )


Why TFS?

  1. Provide full financial inclusion so all people can join one universal economy.
    Today, only about 1,5 billion people have access to the complex financial services we are well used to here in the West while 4 billions are somewhere in the middle and 2 billions are still unbanked completely.
    -> The potential benefits of closing this gab - economical and humanitarian - through distributed ledger technologies are enormous.

  2. Offer an alternative to the fiat currency managed by central banks and a state-run wealth funds.
    Central bank can print money supply by a stroke of a board decision upon ask by the governments to fund often self-serving, irresponsible or controversial political programs (e.g. bailing out of banks, going to war or building walls, or giving things away for free) while it is usually happening without a proper debate with or a direct consent of current taxpayers - and, in fact, at the future cost paid by our next generations. In that process owners of financial assets get richer and the rest poorer.
    -> Everyone should be able to get their hands on an asset-like "hard” currency to be able to preserve their wealth through economic cycles.

  3. Avoid next after next financial crises.
    At the moment we have an accelerating amount of global debt (enabled by 2).
    According to Global Debt Monitor by Institute of International Finance (ITF) global debt rose by over $8 trillion in Q1 2018 to over $247 trillion (318% of GDP) and no politician or a central bank seem to have a good solution to it? Apart of printing more money (debt) every day? It's in the human nature to over-borrow, over-spent, go through boom and then a correction cycle.
    -> If we improve our financial system so it is managed less by our emotions and more by our rational code, there will be less financial crisis - and maybe - eventually none.

Worknb cryptobank
     - objectives 2018-2021

(updated: 13th Sep 2018)

  1. Learn:

    1. History of money (origins of fiat currencies, their function and value)

    2. Central banking (how central banking works and its pros and cons)

    3. Cryptocurrencies (PoW, PoS and DAG coins, smart protocols, tokens)

    4. Cryptobanking (available tools, investing, storage, security and TAXes)

    5. Decentralised economy (dApps, DAOs, DACs and DAGs and more)

  2. Contribute:

    1. Connecting everyone online and in real life

    2. Open-sourcing and sharing what you've learnt

    3. Contributing to the crypto debate

  3. Build a team:

    1. Trainers

    2. Consultants

    3. Engineers

    4. Security experts

    5. Legal experts

    6. Accountants

    7. Analysts

    8. Investors

    9. Traders

    10. Developers

  4. Provide services:

    1. Cryptobanking/investing consulting/workshops (40% of time)

    2. Nodes implementations (20% of time)

    3. Publishing (30% time)

  5. Focus on:

    1. Onboarding (workshops, consulting: fiat vs. crypto, buying first crypto, basic operations)

    2. Investing (workshops, consulting: strategies, fundamental analysis, portfolio management, ICOs)

    3. Trading (workshops, consulting: strategies, technical analysis, tools, risk & money management)

    4. Storage and security (consulting: hot vs. cold storage, multi-signature wallets, digital & physical)

    5. Business adoption (consulting and implementation: online pay gates, iPOS systems, implementation)

    6. Node installations - (implementation: bitcoin Lightning network, NANO node, Turtlecoin node)

    7. Family office cryptobanking (consulting: regulation, family portfolio management, lending)

    8. Inheritance planning (consulting: security and risk management, contracts, custodians..)

    9. Accounting & TAX advisory (consulting: the current law on accounting and paying taxes from cryptocurrency gains)

  6. Support:

    1. Cryptoassets, currencies and smart protocols

    2. Community multi-sig vaults

    3. Transparent reliable exchanges + DEXs

    4. Crypto wallets

      1. Multi-currency wallet

      2. Decentralised ID & data

      3. Credit scoring + loans

      4. Automatic TAX generator

      5. Paid gigs in DAOs

    5. Professional custody solutions

Business model evolution

Possible Worknb Cryptobank business model evolution in time:

  1. Cryptocurrency adoption community - a global freelance community of cryptocurrency practitioners available to help (2018)

  2. Crypto research, education and investment consulting group - educating, learning from and consulting clients on joining the decentralised economy (2018-2019)

  3. Cryptobank - with a range of financial products and services (2019-2021)

  4. WorknbDAO Cryptobank - Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (2022 - further)


Company roadmap v0.1.2

(updated: 24th Sep 2018)

  1. Go live on social media - Telegram, Twitter and Medium (in progress).

  2. Build website (in progress).

  3. Publish research/educational Crypto Notes every day (in progress).

  4. Grow the community daily (in progress).

  5. Build the core team of first 5 Worknb crypto practitioners covering - investing, mining and custody (in progress).

  6. Launch cryptobanking workshops (in progress).

  7. Network locally and online (in progress).

  8. Introduce a range of vertical products and services in collaboration with cryptocurrency teams, miners and custodians (in progress).

  9. Introduce Worknb Wallet - if there's need and a clear demand (2019 - 2020)

  10. Launch high-street retail operations in EU and any major city or a country of interest (2019 - )

  11. Go public by transitioning into Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO), issue own cryptocurrency/security to all employees, community and public. (2019 -2021)

  12. Keep innovating and growing.



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Decentralisation may be the most important idea of human organisation of the last 5000 years
- it would be great to have you as part of it.


Day at work


1. Plan
Every day plan to progress and deliver relentlessly.

2. Progress
Deliver through consistent work and communication with others.

3. Repeat!
Check how you've done, learn from it, update the plan and repeat!



Core values



Tell the truth and nothing but the truth.


Focus on something that you become so good at it no one can ignore you.


Prioritise "brutally" and deliver relentlessly - run now!



Be accessible, inviting and genuinely helpful to others.


Lead bravely when you know how,  follow when you don't.


Collaborating specialists win over solo generalists every time.



Let the best ideas openly win - not the hierarchy.


Do something uncomfortable but good every day - that's progress.


Be radically honest and transparent every time you can.



Principles & rules

  1. Do to others as you would have them do to you.

  2. Focus on innovation, productivity and output. It's the best long-term strategy.

  3. Become so good at something that we / they / no one can ignore you.

  4. Be a hyperrealist. Dreams + Reality + Determination = A Successful Life.

  5. Truth—or, more precisely, an accurate understanding of realityis the essential foundation for any good outcome. Just be real!

  6. Find the most believable people possible who disagree with you and try to understand their reasoning.

  7. Be crystal clear on what the deal is.

  8. Great collaboration feels like playing jazz.

  9. Be radically open-minded and radically transparent.

  10. Work hard. Push through to completion.

  11. Endure! Just beyond the moment of greatest difficulty lies success.

  12. Don't worry about looking good - worry about achieving given goals.

  13. Client is always right - until he/she isn't.

  14. Look to nature to learn how reality works.

  15. Look at the machine from a higher level.

  16. Convert your principles into algorithms and have the computer make decisions alongside you.

  17. An organization is a machine consisting of two major parts: culture and people.

  18. Tough love is effective for achieving both great work and great relationships

  19. Make your passion and your work one and the same and do it with people you want to be with.

  20. Be loyal to the common mission and not to anyone who is not operating consistently with it.

  21. Have integrity and demand it from others.

  22. Create an environment in which everyone has the right to understand what makes sense and no one has the right to hold a critical opinion without speaking up.

  23. Remember that most people will pretend to operate in your interest while operating in their own.

  24. Evolve! Recognise that mistakes are a natural part of the evolutionary process.

  25. Own your outcomes.

  26. Communicate!

  27. Simplify!

  28. Have fun!


(Credit to Ray Dalio for inspiring several of these rules and principles.)