Worknb LABs v.0.7.1



Accelerate adoption of decentralized finance at scale.


Resource-based economy on Earth.


Contribute something.

General path

  1. Ideate

  2. Design

  3. Roadmap

  4. Crowd-source

  5. Gather tools

  6. Empower

  7. Build

  8. Ship!

Roadmap 2019-22

  1. Idea (done)

  2. Community of designers, builders & evangelists.

  3. Worknb Wallet + dApps plug-ins

  4. WorknbDAO ecosystem (users, builders, operators, producers, merchants, treasury, events...)


  1. Idea (done)

  2. web (in progress)

  3. Tools & resources (in progress)

  4. Social media accounts (in progress)

  5. Worknb dApp designs (in progress)

  6. Partnerships (NEAR Protocol, TurtleCoin, NANO, exchange & wallet operators)

  7. A team of 3-7


  1. Present

  2. Future

  3. Journey

  4. Integrity

  5. Community

  6. Awareness

  7. Progress

  8. Fun 🐢

Trustworthy systems

We support an adoption of any and all trustworthy systems that can be defined as:

  • Decentralised - Not one company or organisation controls the system.

  • Public - Openly neutral and not excluding anyone or anything by default.

  • Open-source - Anyone can see the system code or build on top of it.

  • Independent - Anyone can run the system code - anytime, anywhere.

  • Voluntary - You don't have to buy in, use or support the system.

  • Reliable - Provably achieving reliability in a network involving multiple unreliable parties.

  • Uncensorable - Once transactions are complete, no one can void them.

  • Sousveillance-based - “Privacy without secrecy” meaning “Auditable in the name of public interest without revealing one’s ID or unnecessary data from it”

  • Borderless- Globally available, not limited by states jurisdictions or borders.

  • Immutable - Records are unchangeable in time by any known force.

  • Sustainable - In harmony and enhancing both current and future humans’ potential, needs and aspirations.

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