About this portfolio

  1. Bellow is the @WorknbDAO selected #cryptoassets portfolio.
    It consists of projects we research, support and work with because we believe they have the highest potential to create value in our the incoming decentralised economy.

  2. #Bitcoin is a “global citizens’ decentralised monetary network enterprise” built on the shoulders of a growing community of developers and supporters with a public $BTC ticker to tell them how well they're doing.
    Some #altcoins show the exact same type of promise which makes us believe they are worthy of our attention and investment in savings, skills and time.

  3. At @WorknbDAO we believe the areas most worthy of our focus in #blockchain and distributed ledger technology #DLT are those that show potential to:

    1. Decentralise finance

    2. Decentralise markets

    3. Decentralise ID & personal data

    4. Decentralise governance

  4. Next to monetary investing alone we also stretch the importance of contributing our Worknb community time and skills as it's become clear that the #DLT value doesn't rise and preserve through speculation alone but through #adoption.
    Adoption is best described through so-called "network effect” driving one or a combination of:

    1. reservation demand in case of Store of Value #SoV

    2. transaction volume in case of #currency as Unite of Exchange #UoE

  5. Which is why we’re helping these selected projects with:

    1. Awareness

    2. Onboardng new community members

    3. Adoption through building valuable

      1. Products (dApps, hardware, investment instruments + more)

      2. Services (workshops, consulting, miners and business pay-gates implementation + more)

  6. Debate and discussion are welcomed and if you think there is a project that we've missed in our 2019 - 2030 portfolio and think it should be listed, we would love to hear from you! Let us know ->

On investing

  1. Invest in tranches with appropriate sizing - patience is your resource here.

  2. Always have some cash on side, never invest more than you can lose.

  3. The best recipe for your long-term personal or business wealth is a combination of investment + your own long-term productivity.

  4. It's 2018 and there's only 25 million blockchain wallets worldwide. That's about the adoption point of internet in 1994. You're still early to the party.

  5. #Economy works in cycles - learn about the current one.

Currencies (50%)

With unique utility, attributes and
distribution potentials.


Digital gold (2009)
Bitcoin (BTC) has been proving itself as secure cryptoasset growing in value stored since 2009.

Digital cash (2015)
Nano (NANO) is an instant, ZERO fees and environment-friendly cryptocurrency for daily transactions.

Financial inclusion currency (2014)
Stellar (XLM) is gas to a platform that connects banks, payment systems and people reliably, fast at almost no cost.

Private cash (2017)
Turtlecoin (TRTL) is a community-driven fun fast private coin with a fair distribution and a serious potential.


Protocols (40%)

With unique approaches to the scalability, security and decentralisation trilemma.

Decentralised world computer (2015)
Ethereum (ETH) is a POW->PoS decentralised platform for smart contracts with a passionate dev. communty.

Blockchain Google (2017)
Nebulas (NAS) is an incentive-based, searchable, self-evolving blockchain system without forking.

Scalable dApps network (2018)
EOS (EOS) is a DPoS scalable, flexible, usable infrastructure for decentralised applications run by 21 global nodes.

Scaling through sharding (2017)
Zilliqa (ZIL) is first project to implement sharding allowing for linear scaling of smart contracts and dApps.

Best of both worlds (2019)
TruChain (TRUE) is a PBFT - fPoW hybrid consensus, fast permissionless, secure and scalable blockchain platform in making.

Government protocol infrastructure (2017)
Cardano (ADA) is the first blockchain platform to evolve out of scientific philosophy and research-first driven approach.


Tokens (10%)

Utility-focused on financing and your ability to trade with businesses globally.

Decentralised bank (2017)
Maker (MKR) is comprised of stablecoin called Dai, collateral loans and decentralised governance on blockchain.

The blockchain oracle (2017)
Chainlink (LINK) connects your smart contracts to real world data, events and payments.

Gas of Binance ecosystem (2017)
Binance Coin (BNB) can be used to save on any fees on the platform and as a key asset on the future Binance DEX.

The supply blockchain (2017)
VeChain (VET) is a blockchain-enabled platform that is designed to enhance supply chain and logistics management.

Tokenised Minecraft (2017)
Decentraland (MANA) is a virtual reality platform in which users create and monetise their content and one day maybe live and do business.

Gas for token Relayers (2017)
0x (ZRX) is an open protocol that facilitates the decentralized exchange of Ethereum-based tokens and assets.

Securities on blockchain (2018)
Plymath (POLY) aims to simplify the legal process of creating and selling security tokens on blockchain.