Designed to teach you basics of cryptocurrency, investing and cryptobanking within 24 hours.

1. Cryptobanking

Lecture: "So what is this Bitcoin about?"

  1. What is money?

  2. How current banking (doesn't) work

  3. What Bitcoin is and how it works

  4. Blockchain and it's potential

  5. The decentralised future of money

Workshop: "Getting first cryptocurrency"

  1. Best available crypto wallets

  2. Securing your private key

  3. Receiving $10 worth of crypto

  4. Sending transactions

07:30 - 08:30am

max 4ppl

2.  Lunch Q&A + debate 

Q&A:  "Ask anything cryptocurrency"

  • What questions do you have about cryptocurrency and the future of money?

Debate: "Did you know?"

  • Big innovations are ridiculed first. Why?

  • Greece, Venezuela... are bankrupting. Why?

  • No government bonds = no wars. Why?

  • Blockchain startups are booming. Why?

  • Money is just the first app. What's next?

Practice: "Pay back with crypto"

  • Have a friend pay for your lunch -> then pay him back with cryptocurrency right away.

11:00 - 12:30am

max 6ppl

3. Crypto investing

Seminar: "Building your portfolio" 

  • Macroeconomy overview

  • The blockchain ecosystem - investment exposure options

  • Fundamental crypto analysis

  • Types of cryptocurrencies

  • Worknb portfolio 2019

  • Portfolio strategy + process

Workshop: "Managing the trade"

  • Playing the long game

  • Trade entry & exit strategies

  • Basic chart patterns recognition

  • Keeping a trading diary

17:30 - 20:30am

max 10ppl
3 x 45min




every day.

Everyday Monday to Friday
from 17.9 - 21.12.2018.

       07:30 - 08:30am: Cryptpobanking                      
       11:00 - 12:00am: Crypto lunch Q&A + debate   
    18:00 - 19:30am: Cryptocurrency investing   


In Prague

Na Prikope 854/14, Praha 1, 110 00
Czech Republic


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