TLDR: We’re not a bank, neither a regulated financial advisor. We just want to help.



All content on this website is for educational purposes only and should not be considered regulated financial advice.

Our goal is to help you build your financial intelligence and support you in adopting cryptocurrency timely, safely and wisely while creating value in the new decentralised economy.

It is important to remember though, you still need to do your own research as in any decentralised system - we own our own choices.


We aren’t a certified financial advisors.

Crytptoassets in 2019 are still early, before Early adopters, and as such we aren’t certified under, for example EFPA


We draw upon our collective intelligence, experience and critical thinking evolving every day.

  1. Involvement in cryptocurrency space since 2010

  2. Research on behavioural economics, politics, monetary history, banking, cryptography, crypto-economics, innovation adoption, game theory…

  3. Cryptofessionals from blockchain developers to cryptobanking consultants, custodians and lawyers

  4. Open-source innovation, development and acceleration of TRTL Network

  5. 10 + years in tech

We’re not a bank

The “bank” in the word “cryptobank” doesn’t mean we provide custodian services.
We, however, can help you create your own community/family/business "cryptobank" by helping you with a multi-sig security setup or refer you to a professional custodians in a suitable country.

3rd party products

Worknb Cryptobank bears no responsibility for the operability, accuracy, legality or content of any third party products and/or services.

Never share your keys!

At no point of supporting you, we will ask you to reveal your cryptocurrency private (seed) key.
And even if it happens, you must never give it away!