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Your 3-step guide + community support to investing in your own cryptocurrency portfolio today.


1. Learn about
3 unique

Learn about 3 unique finite supply, open-source, no-ICO, community-driven cryptocurrencies with a great developer score to hedge against the state-issued inflationary fiat currencies.


a) It will take study and conviction to HODL your investment through volatile market cycles and likely an economy winter to come.
b) If you don’t take time to understand how money works, your capital and freedoms may not be protected.


1. Digital gold
Launched: 2009
PoW blockchain
Tx speed: 10 min
Price: $4400
CMCap: No. 1
Dev. score: No. 1
dev. stats

Bitcoin ($BTC) is a digital store-of-value money helping you build up, protect and transfer your capital across generations.

Why buy:
The oldest, longest, most secure blockchain running
2. The largest payment & custody infrastructure being build on top of
3. Once completed, will likely be superior to any other known monetary system on Earth

Bitcoin: A Peer-To-Peer Electronic Cash System

BASICS: How money works
1. Power of money (video)
2. How economy works (video)
3. How rich get richer (video)
4. How money works (video series)
5. What hyperinflation looks Like (video)

1. What is Blockchain? (video)
2. Introduction to Bitcoin (video talk)
3. How Bitcoin works (technical video)
4. The Internet of Money (video)
5. Bitcoin's true potential (podcast)
6. The Ultimate Bitcoin Argument (podcast)
7. The bullish case for bitcoin (case)
8. Bitcoin Standard (book)
9. Mastering Bitcoin (textbook)
10. How is Bitcoin developed (video)
11. Bitcoin designed (infographics)
12. Bitcoin transactions visualiser
13. Unconvinced? Money evolution
(fun video)
14. Bitcoin Obituaries (articles)

The ecosystem:
15. directory (official)
16. Bitcoin resources by J. Loop (list)

Price predictions:
BTC at $3000 in 2019 (TA chart)
BTC to $2,5m by 2021 (TA chart)
BTC at $100k by 2022 (TA chart)
BTC to $160 by 2023 (TA chart)
BTC to $10m by 2032 (TA chart)

2. Instant cash
Launched: 2015
Tx speed: 1 sec
Price: $1.2
CMCap: No. 35
Dev score: No. 15
dev. stats

Nano ($NANO) is an instant and feeless digital cash for daily use consuming 330 000 x less electricity per transaction than Bitcoin (!)

Why buy:
1. The fastest digital currency on the market
2. Infinitely scalable DAG technology is far cheaper to run than Bitcoin blockchain
3. If successful, could become the world’s no. 1 digital cash (!)

Nano: A Feeless Distributed Cryptocurrency Network

1. Nano - The Future of Money (video)
2. Nano is green (video)
3. Nano explained (video review)
4. What is Nano? (video review)
5. Nano is the fastest (table)
6. Nano - Web FAQ (page)
7. Nano: Investor intelligence (report)
8. XRB -> NANO with Colin M. (interview)
9. Colin LeMahieu - Creator (interview)
10. Colin LeMahieu - Creator (interview)
11. Charlie Lee on Nano (interview)
12. DashCast ep 5 - Colin L. (interview)
13. Emergent centralisation due to economies of scale (post by C.M.)

The ecosystem:
14. All things Nano (all projects)
15. The NanoCenter (community)

3. Safe cash
Launched: 2017
PoW CryptoNote
Tx speed: 30 sec
Price: $0.000052
CMCap: No. 709
Dev score: No. 21
dev. stats

($TRTL) is a fun, fast and private cryptocurrency network focused on accessibility, inclusion and education of others.

Why buy:
1. No. 700 by MCap, but no. 20 by Dev’s score -> perhaps the most undervalued coin on the market
2. Takes the best from Bitcoin (PoW, no-ICO, community-driven) but adds Monero privacy at the protocol layer
3. The “coin of people” by 2030 (?)

CryptoNote 2.0
+ Proof of Synchronicity (TRTL 001)

1. TurtleCoin - The Next Dogecoin?
(1st podcast interview)
2. Blowing the lid off the CryptoNote/Bytecoin scam (post)
3. TRTL - The Next Big Thing? (vid)
4. More than a meme coin? (pod)
5. Have you noticed? A large community of altruistic devs…(tw)
6. Why 19th by Dev. score is significant (tweet)
7. TurtleCoin has more nodes than Monero (tweet)
8. Coin Supply & Unit Economics
9. Hard questions, solid answ. (vid)
10. How to be a good Turtle (post)
11. TurtlePay - A payment network of no small ambitions (tw)
12. TurtleEDU - Educating the next generation of users and devs. (post)

The ecosystem:
13. TurtleCoin community projects
14. TurtleCoin Discord chat (13k m.)



2. Buy your first


Here is a step-by-step guide on where and how to buy your cryptocurrency. If you get stuck, contact me online.

Worknb FREE cryptocurrency portfolio calculator

1. Calculate
your investment

Use simple Google Sheet investment table to create portfolio mix of cryptocurrencies, smart protocols and utility tokens according to your profile risk.

Screenshot 2018-12-11 at 15.21.41.png

2. Get ready

Mobile phone - for 2FA and mobile wallets
ID card(s) - For exchanges-required KYC procedure
Hardware wallets - If you’re planning to invest more that $300, get secure ‘cold’ hardware wallet(s)

Screenshot 2018-12-11 at 14.39.00.png

3. Choose your exchanges

1. Fiat ‘Onramp’ exchange - you send your fiat money to and buy $BTC, eg. Coinbase, LBX, Coinmate
2. Cryptocurrency exchange - where you send part of your $BTC to exchange it for other cryptocurrency, eg. Binance for $NANO, and TradeOrge for $TRTL

Transfer your fiat currency into onramp cryptocurrency exchange

4. Wire your money to

  1. Bank to Onramp - depending on your bank it can take between 2 hours to 2 weeks - start now!

  2. Onramp to Exchange - BTC transactions take about 10min: things to know + demo video.

Buy Bitcoin between $3500 - 1170 by Worknb

5. Execute your buying

  1. Market timing - whilst difficult for non-professional, it gives you the highest ROI.

  2. If unsure - always buy using limit order and scale in gradually or simply dollar-cost average

Examples of safest cryptocurrency hardware cold-storage wallets and TurtleCoin paper wallet by Worknb Cryptobank

6. Withdraw to your own

1. Setup your wallets (next 3rd step)
2. Withdraw to them according your Store & secure plan. Here’s how to start.


Feeling stuck?


3. Securely store, pay & accept

Coins in your own wallets with your own securely stored private keys is the only cryptocurrency that is truly yours.



Paper wallet
About paper wallets

Mobile wallet

Web wallet

Desktop wallet
Bitcoin Core (official)

Hardware wallet
Trezor One or Model T
Ledger Nano S


Paper wallet
Paper wallet

Mobile wallet (official)

Web wallet

Desktop wallet (official)

Hardware wallet
Ledger Nano S


Paper wallet (official)

Mobile wallet
(in development)

Web wallet

Desktop wallet
Nest wallet

Hardware wallet
Ledger Nano S (in development)


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