People & resources to learn crypto from in 2019

People & resources to learn crypto from in 2019

1. Polymaths

  1. Nick Szabo - Computer scientist, legal scholar and cryptographer. “Shelling out: The origins of money” essay and 95 min podcast

2. Bitcoin

  1. Satoshi Nakamoto - Inventor(s) of Bitcoin; author(s) of Bitcoin Whitepaper. Watch what is Bitcoin by The Bitcoin phenomenon documentary. How Bitcoin works in 5 min (technical). How Bitcoin Works Under the Hood youtube 22 min video. Bitcoin Whitepaper with annotations. Bitcoin Whitepaper read out loud.

  2. Andreas Antonopoulos - Best-selling author, speaker, educator and Bitcoin expert. The Internet of Money by Andreas M. Antonopoulos. Introduction to Bitcoin by Andreas Antonopoulos. @aantonop - The best speaker & YouTube educator on digital currencies. Bitcoin’s true potential with Andreas M. Antonopoulos

  3. Greg Maxwell -

  4. Pieter Wuille - @pwuille I'm Pieter. I work at @Blockstream. I do #bitcoin stuff.

Monetary experts

  1. GoldSilver (w/Mike Maloney) - Author #1 book Guide To Investing in Gold & Silver. Money vs Currency - Hidden Secrets of Money, Episode 1

  2. The Bitcoin Standard by Saifedean Ammous

  3. @real_vijay - Insightful and persuasive, author of the “The Bullish case for Bitcoin”.


  1. Ray Dalio - American billionaire investor, hedge fund manager, and philanthropist. How The Economic Machine Works.

  2. Peter Shiff - CEO, economist, financial broker and Austrian economics proponent.

Educators (YouTube)

  1. Andreas Antonopoulos - Best-selling author, speaker, educator and Bitcoin expert.

  2. Jackson Palmer -

Educators (podcasts)

  1. @APompliano - Hosts "Off the chain” podcast with best people in crypto

  2. @PeterMcCormack -

  3. @econoar - Founder and educator, hosts the “Ether podcast”. Pomp for Ether.

Blockchain builders

  1. @VitalikButerin - Co-founder & the brain behind Ethereum, the largest dApp network.

  2. Charlie Lee [LTC ⚡] @SatoshiLite Creator of Litecoin. Cryptocurrency Enthusiast. Ex-Director of Engineering at Coinbase. Managing Director of the Litecoin Foundation.

  3. @bytemaster7 - CTO at, libertarian;, Steemit and BitShares.

  4. @ColinLeMahieu - Software engineer and inventor. Founder of Nano,

  5. @muneeb - CEO at Blockstack, an ambitious decentralisation platform..

  6. @RealZandy - CTO at MakerDAO; listen to “All about stablecoins” podcast.

  7. @_turtlecoin - An upcoming network with a growing Dev score and community. Listen to TurtleCoin - The next Dogecoin? with RockSteady

Ecosystem builders

  1. @cz_binance - CEO at Binance, an exchange investing in the entire ecosystem.

  2. @brian_armstrong - Co-founder & CEO at Coinbase, a regulated crypto onramp.

  3. @ethereumJoseph - Co-founder of @ethereumproject & Founder of ConsenSys.


  1. @_turtlecoin  - Makes Cryptonote privacy blockchain technology accessible. TurtleCoin Discord (+12 700 members)

VCs/Fund managers

  1. @barrysilbert - Founder/CEO at Digital Currency Group, behind great projects.

  2. @novogratz - CEO of Galaxy Digital, ex-Goldman Sachs, early bets on Ether and EOS.

  3. Olaf Carlson-Wee - Founder, in early, turned $4m into +$1bn.

  4. @TimDraper - Founder and MP at, an early crypto ecosystem VC fund.

  5. @KyleSamani - Managing Partner, an insightful analyst and tweeter. $100 Trillion by Kyle Samani. Models for scaling trustless computation by Kyle Samani.

Institutional thinking

  1. Jay Clayton - A Chairman of SEC that can charge ICOs or delay Bitcoin ETF.

  2. @gaborgurbacs  - Digital asset strategist/director at VanEck, for Bitcoin ETF.

  3. @jchervinsky - A Government enforcement defense & securities litigation lawyer.

  4. @AriDavidPaul -

Infrastructure builders

  1. @lopp - A cypherpunk, CTO of Casa HOLD , speaker and creator of own resources list.


  1. @iamjosephyoung - Analyst and investor, focusing on finance, cryptocurrency, fintech

  2. @lawmaster - A Head Analyst at The Block. Laser eye for crypto scams.


  1. @fundstrat - A strategic data science/macro analyst, co-founder of Fundstrat.

  2. @woonomic Willy Woo

  3. Ryan Selkis

Critical thinkers

  1. John McAfee @officialmcafee

  2. Richard Heart - Blockchain & cryptocurrency thought leader, entrepreneur.

Visual arguments




Trading data


  2. at @TheTIEIO

Cycle traders

  1. @MustStopMurad - Max. Bitcoin bull. Listen to “The Ultimate Bitcoin Argument”.

  2. @davthewave ‏- Charting and investing in Bitcoin. Swing/ position trading alts.


  1. @tradingroomapp - No 1; Most experienced trader on crypto Twitter; priceless

  2. @PeterLBrandt - Classical chartist and a trading legend who’s wise & often right.

  3. @TrueCrypto28 - Long-term TA trader, mixing old school & new school tricks

  4. @CryptoDonAlt - Great daily trader, teaching, investing and trading cryptocurrencies.

  5. @TheCryptoDog - PhD drop out, full-time blockchain trader,  investor & commentator

  6. @Josh_Rager - Crypto trader, investor and advisor, sober views of the market.

Tracking tools

  1. Cryptofinance

Portfolio tracker





  1. MyCrypto’s Security Guide For Dummies And Smart People Too

  2. Paper Wallet Guide: How to Protect Your Cryptocurrency

Accounting & TAX

Estate planning

Follow lists

  1. Hive scored list of who to follow on crypto Twitter

Resources list

  1. Bitcoin Resources by Jameson Loop - perhaps the best known resource list in crypto.

  2. Crypto Canon - A list of crypto readings and resources by Andreesen Horowitz

  3. Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Resources by Block by Block

  4. Top 19 cryptocurrency articles to read when getting started in Bitcoin. /


  6. Crypto reading list by Richard Chen

  7. Awesome Cryptoeconomics

  8. Security tokens

Online courses







  1. Ethereum Obituaries



Worknb 29: Questions on decentralisation

Worknb 29: Questions on decentralisation