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Jan Tlustak

Blockchain consultant
at WorknbDAO


I help you learn about decentralized finance and how you can start using trustworthy cryptocurrencies and dApps to boost your financial and digital independence.


  1. Have values & goals

  2. Talk to users

  3. Learn

  4. Contribute to DAO

  5. Reflect

  6. Live

  7. Repeat!

How I spent time

Blockchain consultant skills profile | Jan Tlustak at Worknb

I consult on

  1. How money works (attributes of money, Kenesyan vs. Austrian economics, history of fiat currencies, central and commercial banking, the Big Debt Crisis, potential outcomes and how to prepare)

  2. Blockchain (what is a “trustworthy” blockchain, its global potential and use cases in decentralized finance and beyond)

  3. How innovation works (adoption curves, democratisation, new incentives and business models, paradigm shift)

  4. Investing in cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, NANO, TurtleCoin, NEAR Protocol and their value propositions)

  5. How to be your own bank (how to buy, earn, manage and secure your cryptocurrency)

  6. Business on blockchain (start accepting crypto-as-payment, use dApps, build a DAO)

  7. Regulation & TAX (Czechia and the rest of EU)

How it works

It’s quite simple.

  1. Ask for help in chat now or book a call.

  2. Consult, learn and adopt crypto

  3. Pay for time spent in BTC, ETH, NANO or TRTL (we’ll show you how)

My work


  • WorknbDAO - The cryptocurrency & blockchain adoption company; Founder & Project Lead (since Feb 2019)

  • TurtleCoin - Privacy and education-focused cryptocurrency for friends & businesses; Contributor (since June 2018)

  • SignalsNetwork - Cryptocurrency algorithmic trading platform, connecting data scientists, developers and crypto traders; Chief Community Officer (Oct 2017 - March 2018)



Jan responds immediately or about
every 2 hours.


1. Telegram - Message Jan directly on Telegram 👉

2. Keybase - Contact Jan on encrypted chat 👉


Always open to new ideas and
good critical-thinking.