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To accelerate our transition to a trustworthy financial system by helping people and business benefit from understanding and adopting cryptocurrencies early, safely and wisely.


Vision 2030

have a trustworthy financial system that is:

  • Decentralised - not one company or organisation controls the network
  • Open-source - anyone can see the system code or build on top of it
  • Independent - anyone can run the system code  - anytime, anywhere
  • Open to everyone - no exclusion; bad actors will find their ways anyway
  • Reliable - run by consensus algorithm provably achieving reliability in a network involving multiple unreliable nodes
  • Uncensorable - once transactions are complete, no one can void them
  • Sousveillance-based -  public, yet respecting principles of privacy while fully auditable by the majority
  • Borderless - global, not limited by states jurisdictions
  • Immutable - all of the above together



There are many good reasons to decentralise our financial system, but perhaps the most important two are:

A)  to provide financial (crytpbanking) inclusion to the remaining 4bn people in developing countries and connect them into the shared global economy
B) to stop governments print (debase, inflate) money supply at will.

Add B) This would mean that if governments wanted to fund new especially controversial spending programs (e.g. bail out of banks, going to war or a single-payer healthcare system) then they would need to: 

1) first explain these proposals in depth and transparency to their citizens
2) and then ask them for funding in a direct democratic vote.

Governing political parties, not even dictators would be able to get around it because in a trustworthy financial system money is:

a) in a finite supply (e.g. there's only 21,000,000 bitcoins)
b) or it's inflation is in a full control by it's stakeholders (by a democratic vote at any time)

Therefore, governments won't be able to ask central banks to print them more money in exchange for government bonds, instead this funding would have to come through some form of immediate taxation people immediately feel and thus can better asses for what it's worth.

As a result:

a) we will all be better off because of choosing to fund only programs we believe are the most important to our society as a whole
b) we avoid future economy systemic crises (at the moment paid for by unconsulted taxpayers from the future - mostly our children)

To illustrate the point, on the day of writing this page,  according to Global Debt Monitor by Institute of International Finance (ITF) global debt rose by over $8 trillion in Q1 2018 to over $247 trillion (318% of GDP).
This is unsustainable situation leading us to a crisis of unseen size and impact which no politician or a central bank seem to have a good solution to - apart of printing more and more money (debt) every day...

It's a downward spiral that doesn't end well.

Which is why we need to accelerate our transition to the new decentralised and trustworthy financial system.


Worknb structure

WorknbDAO - Decentralised autonomous organisation (in making) connected and governed by culture, values and principles. A DAO company that once fully realized can take on any (number of) project(s), shape or form if the pure majority of it's stakeholders decides to do so.

First project:

  1. Worknb Cryptobank - The cryptobank and decentralised advisory of and by working people of Earth


"Worknb Cryptobank" objectives

  1. Research and educate on the history of banking and governments as well as the free market economy so that people can make well-informed choices and can join the cause if they'd like to.
  2. Research and guide through cryptoassets market cycles so that people can invest and transition to decentralised economy wisely.
  3. Research and educate on the best practices of security and risk management so that people can adopt cryptocurrencies safely
  4. Research, test and improve on user experience (UX) of cryptocurrency products and services so that people can adopt them easily.
  5. Accelerate retail investors/users adoption of cryptocurrencies by offering educational and on-boarding consulting services.
  6. Accelerate commerce adoption of cryptocurrencies by building a team of cryptobanking consultants helping business owners with on-boarding online and locally so that they can adopt them early.
  7. Research, design and transition Worknb into a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) to scale the adoption of a trustworthy financial system globally.
  8. Research tokenisation of economy instead of taxation.

Roadmap v0.1

(updated: 3rd Aug 2018)

  1. Start Telegram, Twitter, Blog and Medium (in progress).
  2. Publish every day (in progress).
  3. Grow the community daily (in progress).
  4. Build a wider industry coalition collaborating on a full range of decentralised cryptobanking products and services offered under one cryptobanking provider (in progress).
  5. Design, build, iterate and scale Worknb products and services with users,  partners and the team. (2019)
  6. Launch retail branch operations in major cities and countries of interest and need around the world - go on a mobile branch tour if that's what works. (2019 - )
  7. Help people adopt cryptocurrencies and cryptobanking at scale (2019 - )
  8. Transition into Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO) (2020 - )
  9. Never stop innovating new products and services that empower the best in people, our society and our relentless desire to go on a little adventure..


Decentralisation of finance, markets and governance are likely the three most important things of the 21st century we'll have the chance to work on. Everything else goes from here. 



W Values


1. Truth

Seek and tell the truth and nothing but the truth.

2. Focus

Be so good at something that no one can ignore you.

3. Delivery

Delivery relentlessly in a fluid form of execution and flow.


4. Community

Be accessible, inviting and genuinely helpful. Worknb together.

5. Leadership

Lead when you know how,  follow when you don't.

6. Teamwork

Team up! Collaborating specialists win over solo generalists.


7. Meritocracy

Let the best ideas openly win - not the hierarchy.

8. Progress

All work and debate is for nothing unless you progress daily.

9. Transparency

There's no progress without radical truth and transparency.



We work and live by:

  1. Do to others as you would have them do to you.
  2. Focus on innovation, productivity and output. It's the best long-term strategy.
  3. Become so good at something that we / they / no one can ignore you.
  4. Be a hyperrealist.  Dreams + Reality + Determination = A Successful Life.
  5. Truth—or, more precisely, an accurate understanding of realityis the essential foundation for any good outcome. Just be real!
  6. Find the most believable people possible who disagree with you and try to understand their reasoning.
  7. Be crystal clear on what the deal is.
  8. Great collaboration feels like playing jazz.
  9. Be radically open-minded and radically transparent.
  10. Client is always right - until he/she isn't.
  11. Look to nature to learn how reality works.
  12. Look at the machine from a higher level.
  13. Convert your principles into algorithms and have the computer make decisions alongside you.
  14. An organization is a machine consisting of two major parts: culture and people.
  15. Tough love is effective for achieving both great work and great relationships
  16. Make your passion and your work one and the same and do it with people you want to be with.
  17. Be loyal to the common mission and not to anyone who is not operating consistently with it.
  18. Have integrity and demand it from others.
  19. Create an environment in which everyone has the right to understand what makes sense and no one has the right to hold a critical opinion without speaking up.
  20. Remember that most people will pretend to operate in your interest while operating in their own.
  21. Work hard. Push through to completion. 
  22. Endure! Just beyond the moment of greatest difficulty lies success.
  23. Don't worry about looking good - worry about achieving given goals.
  24. Evolve! Recognise that mistakes are a natural part of the evolutionary process.
  25. Own your outcomes.
  26. Communicate!
  27. Simplify!
  28. Have fun!