TurtlePub: Pay for your beers with TurtleCoin (round 1)

TurtlePub: Pay for your beers with TurtleCoin (round 1)

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It is the mission of Worknb to accelerate open, safe and knowledgable adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

We fundamentally believe that crypto has the potential to reset the table and give everyone a fair chance again. It happens every about 7, 100, 300 and 1000 years again.

There are trustworthy cryptocurrencies and networks today that are already worth good market value and positioned to grow because they provide you with predictability and super-powers that traditional centralized institutions and systems simply won’t.


TurtleCoin, in my opinion, is one of these reliable, empowering and trustworthy cryptocurrencies.

It’s decentralized, public, permissionless, open-source, voluntary, increasingly reliable, secure and as a PoW minable cryptocurrency with currently 303 Mh/s, (already same as Monero hashrate) it is also becoming quite immutable

TurtleCoin is the fast, fun & safe cryptocurrency for friends & businesses with a two years-in-a-row award-winning community of now over 14 500 Discord members and growing, built on the same CryptoNote core and inspiring community-first, focused leadership as Monero.

And the stats confirm the good work.

On Thursday 13th June 2019, TurtleCoin is the coin #472 by Market Cap Rank, but #80 by CoinGecko rank (out of 4500) showing it is one of the most undervalued coins up 48% year-on-year compared to it’s competition Bitcoin (up 24%) and Monero ( down 27%).

This is mainly due to the hard work of TurtleCoin developers on GitHub and slow-and-steady educational approach which as a general rule market is always catching up to, not the other way around.

So with the open-source approach and 300 years long emission curve promissing a only a growing security in our life time, what if you could pay with TurtleCoin for your beers?

Challenge: Start your own local TurtlePub!

Turn your local pub owners into Turtle fans and help them start accepting TurtleCoin simple A5 bar display with QR code.


This challenge/project is mainly for the TurtleCoin community itself, TRTL started in the pub and is for the fans of the beer beverage in TRTL ranks.

However, we believe in competition and in making things interesting so I personally pledge 100 000 $TRTL bounty for first 3 reported and documented TurtlePubs to Worknb..

We will also welcome anyone who want’s to contribute some $TRTL into the bounty pool.

Please drop a comment bellow this post, go to a contact page or contact anyone in the Worknb Labs for more details.


The setup is deliberately easy.

Anyone should be able to introduce TurtleCoin into their local cavern.

So bore we have a proper POS built on actual TurtlePay API, such as Vendible here is a basic but effective solution utilising an A5 bar display, your persuasion skills and TonChan mobile wallet for Android,


  1. Download the .key or .pdf templates

  2. Generate the unique pubs wallet, public key and it’s QR code.

  3. Adjust the design template with this QR code, name of the pub and any additional information you wish to change.

  4. Print them out in A4 format and fold in half (Turtle origami training now makes sense :)

  5. Insert the print out into the pure acrylic A5 bar stand.

  6. Place it somewhere on the bar or opposite the main entrance.

  7. Optionally make sure the pub has a bar staff mobile phone installed with TurtleCoin wallet so that they can check incoming payments.

  8. Voila, you can now pay for your beers with TurtleCoin while educating newcomers while having one!

In operaation

1. Restaurace U Trajců

  • Typical Czech gastro pub on the "Botanical square" of Prague 2

  • Draft beers: Pilsner Urquell, Gambrinus, Special “Volba Sládků")

  • $TRTL prices: About 10 000 $TRTL for one Pilsner Urquell beer (at ATH price)

  • Address: Vyšehradská 1902/39, 128 00 Nové Město

2. ***Here can be your local pub!***

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