Worknb DAO - Launch Decentralized Autonomous Organization on NEAR  Protocol.


Fund, develop and govern
decentralized projects in one dApp.


in 15 min.


You shouldn’t need a lawyer, bureaucrat and a banker to start a company.


1. Launch

  1. Name your DAO

  2. Set its mission & rules

  3. Create your project

2. Fundraise

  1. Set up your $NEAR fund

  2. Invite people to invest

  3. Send out DAO’s shares

    (Q3 2019)

3. Govern

  1. Make proposals

  2. Discuss & vote

  3. Deliver & earn

    (Q1 2020)


Check out
the stack.

Projects we research, use and build on.


Join us


We’re bringing decentralized organizations NEAR people.


1. Worknb Labs community server 👉


2. NEAR Protocol community server 👉

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