Non-financial advise

We are not financial advisors.

Any content published on this website is expressing only our opinions and is for educational purposes only.

Our qualification

As much as we make the maximum effort to do the best research and educate ourselves daily, crytptoassets are still a very new asset class and as such this space does not offer formal industry qualifications as, for example EFPA does for traditional financial advising.

Our intent

Our content is created and our services provided with the main intent to accelerate your own learning through critical thinking to train you to make your own decisions and ultimately become your own cryptobank without custodial or any form of centric solution. 

Our team members

Team members and closer community of WorknbDAO displayed on this website are selected based upon their track-record of contributing to the cryptoassets space online or in case of a traditional finance domain based on their business references.

We conduct entry interviews with all of them and in general there is a longer period of time to develop a relationship of trust before we can actively recommend them.

Despite that, WorknbDAO does not provide any guarantee or isn't in any way responsible for the consulting or funds lost following any advice given by our members.

On fraud through in

General precaution

Cryptospace is a so called hard-promise space in which the old saying "measure twice, cut once" really has it's place and once transaction is sent to a wrong address, there's there's no middle party to void it and claim it back.

It's also why we have the #DYOR (Do your own research) hashtag and why this place is so much loved by, say, liberals.

Remember, with more responsibility, comes more freedom,


Final notes

At this point WorknbDAO is an experiment in a vision of what future of cryptobanking might look like. We are not a business neither regulated entity.
Opinions shared are our own, not a professional financial advice.
Please, NEVER share your private keys with anyone.