Our intent

All content on this website is for educational purposes only and isn’t a financial advice.

With more freedom, comes more responsibility.
Education, therefore, becomes a necessary part of any sovereign individual living in a decentralised world.

We measure ourselves on how many people and business we help make their own informed decisions to either:

  1. Transition to cryptocurrency as user

  2. Transition to cryptocurrency as business

  3. Join a cryptocurrency project as a community member

We offer resources, informed discussions through consulting, workshops and introduction to various crypto communities + tools and implementation - the decision and action, however, is always yours.

Financial certification

Please, be advised we aren’t certified financial advisors.

Crytptoassets are still a very new asset class and as such do not have formal professional industry certification under, eg. EFPA

Our qualification

When forming our content, consulting or preparing our workshops we draw upon our community collective intelligence, experience and critical thinking stemming from:

  1. Active involvement in cryptocurrency and blockchain space since early times of Bitcoin - as early as 2010.

  2. Active involvement in development of various cryptocurrency and blockchain projects today.

  3. Formal university qualifications such as MSc. in Digital Currency at University Nicosia - #1 in the World in Bitcoin and blockchain education taught by renown Bitcoin experts such as Andreas Antonopoulos and Antonis Polemitis.

  4. Active involvement in the cryptocurrency and blockchain communities we work with.

  5. Active daily research, study and analysis of new information coming out all the time.

  6. Daily contact with users and teaching.

Third party products and services

Worknb cryptobank bears no responsibility for the operability, accuracy, legality or content of any third party products and/or services.


Never share your private keys!

At no point in supporting, consulting or teaching you we will ask you to reveal us your cryptocurrency private (seed) key and you should never ever show it to anyone even if you trust them.